CARE Comprehensive Training (Includes G1)

Course Overview

This course is designed for MSA Distributors and is hosted at our Training locations in Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Edmonton. It is intended for technicians who through their job function, are required to perform overhauls, adjustments, Flow testing and trouble shooting on mask mounted open circuit self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The Comprehensive Course provides additional time to cover current and prior design models of both Fire service and Industrial SCBA and SAR’s.

The Comprehensive classes should be attended by those individuals who are, or will be, assigned to maintain and repair the full line of MSA Air Masks on a frequent basis and have the mechanical aptitude, experience and skill-set to perform the work requirement. Prior experience with the function and operation of the self contained breathing apparatus is strongly recommended. This class provides experience with the full line of MSA SCBA and accessories as well as extended time with the PosiChek3 tester and hands-on troubleshooting.

Topics Discussed

  • Explain theory of operation for an MSA Firehawk SCBA
  • Identify key sub-assemblies of an MSA Firehawk SCBA
  • Demonstrate disassembly and inspection process
  • Demonstrate reassembly and functional test
  • Perform overhaul of complete SCBA system
  • Demonstrate First and Second stage regulator and Primary Alarm adjustments
  • Make adjustments and flow test using PosiChek 3 tester