Working at Heights (Ontario, Canada ONLY)

Course Overview

The province of Ontario’s Working at Heights Training Program Standard identifies the requirements that must be met to support consistent and quality training for workers in the province of Ontario. MSA is accredited to offer a comprehensive, performance-based training program that meets or exceeds the core competency requirements for Working at Heights in Ontario. This 1 day training course meets the requirements as directed by the April 1, 2015 training program and provider standards established by the Chief Prevention Officer.

MODULE 1: Working at Heights Basic Theory

  • Rights and responsibilities related to working at heights
  • General hazard recognition
  • Fall protection hierarchy of controls
  • Personal fall arrest equipment
  • Safety procedures for warning systems and physical barriers
  • Safety procedures for ladders and similar climbing equipment
  • Components of fall arrest

Module 2: Working at Heights Practical equipment Module

  • Barriers and safety nets
  • Anchorage Points and Anchorage Connectors
  • Work positioning systems and work access and platforms
  • Explain industrial fall rescue plans and industrial fall rescue hierarchy
  • Select & apply appropriate fall protection equipment & explain connecting components
  • Identify and select rope grabs, vertical life lines, SRLs & temporary horizontal lifelines
  • Select, size, don & adjust full body harness & demonstrate proper use of all lanyard types
  • Inspect fall protection equipment and apply pass/fail and removal criteria