SRL Maintenance Training - Level 2 (8 Hour)

Course Overview

This 8 hour Level 2 MSA Latchways Technician Level SRL Training course is designed for those individuals who will be repairing, inspecting and testing MSA Latchways Self Retracting Lanyards and have been identified as and are currently employed by an MSA Latchways Authorized Repair Facility. An additional investment of approximately $2,000 for maintenance tools is also required

Topics Discussed

  • Theory of operation MSA Latchways SRLs
  • Disassembly and inspection process
  • Reassembly and functional test
  • Testing procedure
  • Quality assurance inspection

Required Maintenance Tool Kit(s):

  • Level 2 Standard SRL Tool Kit - Part Number 00903-00
  • Level 2 Sealed SRL Tool Kit - Part Number 00904-00
  • Level 2 Combined SRL Tool Kit - Part Number 00902-00