Rescue Planning for Safety at Heights

Course Overview

MSA’s Rescue Planning course is broadly designed to meet the needs of fall protection program managers and site rescuers alike. With its basis in ANSI / ASSE Z359.2 – 2017 “Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program,” this class begins by laying out established best practices for a work at heights program, and includes a major focus on the responsibilities of “Competent” and “Authorized Rescuers.” Special emphasis is placed on skill and knowledge requirements outlined by ANSI as well as rescue procedure development and training requirements for key personnel. A significant portion of the class day is dedicated to hands-on practice utilizing common rescue products from throughout the fall protection market that will meet a wide variety of rescue needs.

The course is led by industry-experienced climbers and includes practice on training towers that simulate a variety of work at heights scenarios. Site-specific customization is available to meet a wide array of field scenarios.

The 1-day course is comprised of the following content:

  • Risks of Post-Fall Suspension – Suspension Trauma
  • Applicable Standards / Regulatory Introduction:
    • OSHA
    • ANSI – Z359.2 - 2017

Fall Protection Review:

  • Anchor Points
  • Anchor Connectors
  • Bodywear
  • Connecting Devices – Lanyards & SRLs

Categories of Rescue:

  • Self-Rescue
  • Assisted
  • Mechanically-Aided
  • Pick-Off

Equipment Selection

  • 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Rope and Pulleys
  • Descent Devices with Raising / Lowering
  • Escape, Edge, & Ladder Rescue
  • Rappel “Pick-Off” Devices
  • Packaging Devices for Immobilization

Practical Activities:

  • Escape (Descent from Heights)
  • Remote Retrieval with Extension Pole
  • Edge & Ladder Rescue
  • Pick-Off Rescue:
    • Safe Climbing, Transitioning, and Positioning at Heights
    • Anchors – Primary & Belay
    • Victim Securing & Lowering
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