On-Site Documented Competent Person Equipment Inspection

Course Overview

Many organizations choose not to take on the responsibility or potential liability of inspecting their own PPE. Instead, they prefer to have a third party perform this inspection. MSA offers a solution to assist with this inspection. Our experienced and trained team will come to your facility to perform a documented and thorough competent inspection of all your safety equipment. At the end of the inspection, we will provide your organization with a detailed written report documenting the product, serial number, description, pass / fail and overall disposition. This document can be used between competent inspections to record new equipment or equipment that has been removed from service.

MSA Custom Inspection:
  • Perform inspection of all fall protection equipment at your facility, classifying as pass / fail / maintenance required, developing a record of all findings for any future auditing, and guidance on replacing equipment where necessary
MSA Custom Training:

All trainings listed elsewhere may also be customized to your site’s specific needs. After analysis of your company’s specific program and / or time spent in the field with your people, MSA can customize its training programs to more closely align to your specific company policies and procedures. When desired, MSA can:
  • Focus on safety issues unique to your company
  • Compliment your existing safety program
  • Incorporate photos of your work hazards or conditions
  • Hands-on training in your daily work environment
  • Custom training structures at your facility
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