PPE Training & Safety Education

Now Available - Virtual Led Training (VLT) Options

At MSA, we continually strive to improve our customer experience. It is in this spirit that we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new WebEx “Virtual Led Training (VLT)” courses, available to schedule now. The new online VLT training platform will be conducted with an MSA Training Instructor in the same manner as our current in-person training, and follow the same class format and content that would happen on-site. VLT will allow us to continue to provide our world-class Safety Training programs, live via WebEx, to end users across the world.

For more information, or to schedule your next VLT Training Class, please be sure to contact us directly at (866) 347-6093, or training@msasafety.com

MSA has helped protect our customers for over 100 years in all facets of personal protective equipment and services. With this in mind, we recognize that education and training play an integral part as well. Without proper training an employee may not use or inspect the equipment properly resulting in an accident or possible fatality.

State-of-the-Art Training Center

Our state of the art training center will allow us to teach students how to safely select, inspect and use PPE in true-to-life simulations. Our center features a confined space simulator including entanglement area, multiple levels, emergency escape window, telecommunication tower, confined space tank, and multiple working at height areas.

On-Site Safety Training

MSA can help you reduce lost time and liability through on-site documented competent equipment inspections. Our trained professionals will come to your site to conduct the written inspection for all your fall protection products.

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On-site Survey, Hazard Assessment, & Audit

Create a safer work environment for you and your employees. An MSA trained profession will conduct a walkthrough of your facility and provide a comprehensive written report documenting risks and recommendations.

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