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Firefighter SCBA Buying Guide

Front and back view of a firefighter wearing an SCBA

Learn more about breathing apparatus technology and how to keep up with advancements in firefighter safety, including how to choose the right SCBA for you.

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How to Tackle the Top 3 Roofing Fall Protection Challenges

Safety worker talking on walkie talkie while anchored to rooftop with personal fall protection and engineered roofing system

This white paper discusses each challenge and includes information on how planning can help safety-conscious organizations overcome these challenges and prevent roofing-related tragedies.

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Maintaining a Safe Work Environment in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas industry

What you need to know about worker safety in the oil & gas industry, including confined space compliance, emergency preparedness, and training resources.

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How to Pick the Right Industrial SCBA

An industrial worked in a confined space climbs a ladder while wearing an industrial SCBA.

To help you pick the right SCBA (saving you time and money), we've put together a mini guide featuring 5 must-ask questions. Because there is no one-size-fits-all SCBA, MSA's mini guide includes the key considerations to help you make the right pick for your unique applications, demands, and budget.

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7 Ways to Leverage Relationship with Local Responders

Firefighters battle a blazing fire.

Being at the ready takes having a well-trained team that's organized systematically and united in effort. Download our "7-point Fire Brigade Checklist" to discover how to partner with local responders to improve pre-incident preparedness for better emergency response.

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