Outsmart the fire.

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Firefighting is changing. So is the safety equipment you need.
A Changing World
Maximize your senses with the G1 SCBA.
Situational Awareness
Customize to better protect against physical stressors.
Physical Protection
Save by getting tomorrow’s advanced technology today.
Return on Investment

Experience the MSA G1 SCBA Firsthand

Today's SCBA are a technology system that equips firefighters with revolutionary safety capabilities - now and in the future. With the MSA G1 SCBA, buy today and keep pace with safety improvements for the next 15 years.

Experience the MSA G1 SCBA firsthand with an in-person or virtual demo.

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A key part of the Connected Firefighter Platform, the G1 is compatible with other MSA equipment including the all new LUNAR – a handheld search-and-rescue device.