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Physical Protection

Every firefighter bears the weight of a breathing apparatus, knowing the SCBA is critical to keeping them safe. Changing industry factors such as dropping staff levels and longer SCBA wear-times mean fewer firefighters on site, working longer and harder, carrying SCBAs for extended periods of time.

What if there was an SCBA that can be customized to help protect you against physical stressors?

Now there is: The MSA G1 SCBA

Advanced Ergonomics

The MSA G1 SCBA was created with intelligent ergonomics. It not only makes firefighters more effective, it also makes them more comfortable while helping to protect them from physical wear and tear.


  • Reduce weight on the head and neck: With no electronic components on the facepiece, the G1 SCBA facepiece is 34% lighter than other face pieces1
  • Experience balance and agility: Thanks to adjustable sizing and lumbar support, the MSA G1 SCBA provides a comfortable fit regardless of size or stature.


1Source: All data collected from internal testing

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