MSA Advantage® 290

MSA Advantage 290

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Half-Mask Respirators For Protection and Source Control

The MSA Advantage 290 is the first-ever NIOSH approved respirator without an exhalation valve.

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MSA Advantage® 290

The MSA Advantage 290 is a game-changing innovation that provides up to P100 level protection and also achieves source control. By eliminating the exhalation valve, filtration of exhaled breath reduces the likelihood of contaminating the surrounding area.

It has received the first NIOSH approvals* for a respirator with no exhalation valve. Approvals include use with existing P100 and future P95 filter options.

*NIOSH approval numbers: TC-84A-9260, TC-84A-9261, TC-84A-9256, TC-84A-9257

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MSA Advantage 290
MSA Advantage 290
MSA Advantage 290

Elastomeric Respirators as a Solution for Healthcare

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First Elastomeric Respirator Without Exhalation Valve Approved by NIOSH

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