A confined space head first extraction system.
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A specialized rescue product designed for extreme cases in which a rescuer needs to be lowered head-first into a confined space to perform a rescue. The Confined Space/Head First Extraction System (HFES) allows the rescuer to be lowered comfortably into a confined space head first, harness the victim, and raise both victim and rescuer out of a confined space. Consists of an adjustable lifting strap, an adjustable victim strap, one pair of ankle harnesses, two carabineers, and a storage bag. This small, compact system can be used with any confined space retrieval equipment such as tripods and davits.

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Length: 130.000 MM (5.118 IN)
Width: 80.000 MM (3.150 IN)
Height: 20.000 MM (0.787 IN)
Weight: 0.300 KG (0.661 LB)
Color: GOLD
  • Includes: adjustable lifting strap, adjustable victim strap, one pair of ankle harnesses, two carabineers, storage bag
  • Leaves both hands free for the rescuer to assist in the retrieval of another person
  • Small, compact system
Markets: Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, General Industry, Mining
Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights, Search & Rescue
  • Webbing is nylon fiber, minimum 1.75 in (44 mm) nominal width. Minimum breaking strength is 5,000 lbf (24.3 kN) when new.
  • Adjuster buckles are alloy steel with corrosion resistant finish. Minimum breaking strength is 4,000 (lbf).
  • Capacity is 400 lb (181 kg) including the weight of the user plus clothing, tools and other user-borne objects.
  • Net weight is 2 lb (0.9 kg)