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The EVOTECH LITE Safety Harnesses provide added comfort by removing excess weight. The EVOTECH® LITE Full Body Harnesses are 20% lighter than standard fall protection safety equipment; workers will feel the difference at the end of a long day.

Part Number

EVOTECH Lite Harness, BACK D-ring, Quick-Connect leg straps, X-Small (XSM), Red

Product to be Discontinued
Replacement part number(s):10194536
Length: 754.000 MM (29.685 IN)
Width: 320.000 MM (12.598 IN)
Height: 124.000 MM (4.882 IN)
Weight: 1.642 KG (3.620 LB)
Color: RED

EVOTECH Lite Harness, BACK D-ring, Quick-Connect leg straps, Standard (STD), Red

Product discontinued.
Replacement part number(s):10194630
Length: 865.000 MM (34.055 IN)
Width: 496.000 MM (19.528 IN)
Height: 101.000 MM (3.976 IN)
Weight: 1.694 KG (3.735 LB)
Color: RED

EVOTECH Lite Harness, BACK D-ring, Quick-Connect leg straps, Super XL (SXL), Red

Product discontinued.
Replacement part number(s):10194672
Length: 773.000 MM (30.433 IN)
Width: 492.000 MM (19.370 IN)
Height: 130.000 MM (5.118 IN)
Weight: 1.766 KG (3.893 LB)
Color: RED

EVOTECH Lite Harness, BACK D-ring, Tongue Buckle leg straps, Standard (STD)

Product discontinued.
Replacement part number(s):10194889
Length: 763.000 MM (30.039 IN)
Width: 351.000 MM (13.819 IN)
Height: 135.000 MM (5.315 IN)
Weight: 1.758 KG (3.876 LB)
Color: RED
  • Aluminum hardware decreases  weight of harness by 20%                                              
  • NanoSphere® coating on webbing repels dirt, oil, grease, moisture, etc.                            
  • Patent-pending leg strap design keeps leg straps in place, increasing mobility and comfort          
  • No binding edge on shoulder padding prevents neck chafing 
  • Sub-Pelvic Strap with patented variable width webbing provides 50% more surface area for improved weight distribution and improves comfort
  • Breathable padding with moisture-wicking material keeps users cooler 
  • Dual-color webbing - red pattern on outside, black on inside - promotes easy identification of twisted webbing 
  • Patent-pending web management system provides means of storing excess webbing 
  • Web finials prevent fraying on web ends and simplify threading through buckles 
  • Reflective webbing integrated into harness webbing increases visibility in low-light environment 
Markets: Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Working at Heights

EVOTECH Lite Full Body Harness 

  • Web material type and dimensions: 1 3/4'' (44 mm) nominal width, polyester with NanoSphere® coating
  • Hardware materials and coatings: Aluminum, stamped
  • Thread material and type: Sub-pelvic, torso, and leg strap stitches: 3 cord Polyester                              
  • Web finials: 5 cord Polyester
  • Plastic materials: Nylon, Santoprene
  • Label materials: Valeron
  • Web minimum breaking strength: 7,000 pounds
  • D-ring minimum breaking strength: 5,000 pounds, proof-tested to 3,600 pounds
  • Maximum capacity 400 pounds (181 kg)
  • Padding materials: Outside top material: 1000 denier nylon Inside material: 3D mesh with monofilament yarn
  • Outside bottom: 3D mesh

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

Meets applicable OSHA requirements

ANSI Z359.11-2014

CSA Z259.10-2012