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Specially designed for high-heat applications, The V-SERIES Welding Energy-Absorbing Lanyards features additional cover to support increased product life by protecting labels and energy absorber. The easy to identify high heat symbol on the cover helps to make product selection simple. The compact energy absorber creates a light weight lanyard for reduced fatigue on the job.

Part Number

V-Series, High Heat, cable, twin-leg fixed energy absorbing lanyard, 6', 36C small snaphooks

Length: 1,800.000 MM (70.866 IN)
Width: 70.000 MM (2.756 IN)
Height: 90.000 MM (3.543 IN)
Weight: 2.000 KG (4.409 LB)
Color: GRAY

V-Series, High Heat, web, single-leg fixed energy absorbing lanyard, 6', 36C small snaphooks

Length: 190.000 MM (7.480 IN)
Width: 230.000 MM (9.055 IN)
Height: 70.000 MM (2.756 IN)
Weight: 1.000 KG (2.205 LB)
Color: BLACK
  • Kevlar/Nomex® web lifeline material
  • Kevlar/Nomex protective energy absorbing cover helps protect the energy absorber as well as labels, improving product life
  • Iconography on the energy absorber for easy application identification
Markets: General Industry
Applications: Working at Heights, Welding
  • Available in single and twin leg

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
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CSA Z259.11-17

ANSI Z359.13 - 2013