SMC Classic Sentry 8-Channel Controller

The SMC Sentry Classic Controller is discontinued. Please see the SMC 4001 Controller as a suitable alternative. It is available in 2-, 4-, or 8-channel configurations.
Discontinued    additional information
  • Menu Prompting - guides and prompts users through system configuration and operation
  • System Security - prevents unauthorized users from changing settings and identifies those who have made changes via user identification codes
  • Diagnostics - performs routine checks of operating parameters and alerts user if a condition requires attention
  • Sensor Scan Display - continuously view current sensor gas exposure readings
  • Multiplex Digital Signals - reduces installation costs by multiplexing sensors to the controller on a common cable
  • Record Keeping - easily keep reports for history, key events or calibration actions
  • Relay Logic - customize relay responses for personalization preferences
  • System Flexibility - expand the controller user experience with accessories, product add-ons and enhancement packages