Calibrate remote mounted sensors from a safe and convenient location.
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The CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter is a stainless-steel accessory for the ULTIMA X5000 and General Monitors S5000 (X/S5000) digital sensors that provides reliable operation of remotely installed gas detection sensors working under harsh environmental conditions. It permits users to complete function tests (“bump tests”) and calibrations without the need for directly accessing the sensor and greatly simplifies gas detector maintenance. It prevents dilution of the test gas going to the sensor even in high wind conditions.

Part Number

CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter (RCA)

Length: 150.000 MM (5.906 IN)
Width: 105.000 MM (4.134 IN)
Height: 80.000 MM (3.150 IN)
Weight: 0.340 KG (0.750 LB)
Color: GRAY
  • Simplifies maintenance of remotely installed digital gas sensors
  • Enables accurate calibration from a safe and convenient location
  • Allows for reliable operation even in the presence of high wind
  • No electrical wiring or connections for ease of installation
Markets: Industrial, Oil & Gas, Utilities