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MSA A2 Software offers the ability to customize your SCBA to meet your SOP, analyze use data, as well as provides a simple, reliable method to enhance firefighter safety and accountability on the fire scene by monitoring firefighters’ status remotely from incident command. 

Customize your G1 SCBA:

  • Incorporate personnel or location information
  • Confirgure alarm settings, user settings, HUD settings, and more

Review incident data:

  • Date
  • Duration
  • Air used
  • Alarm status
  • And more

When utilizing the A2 Software to monitor the fire scene, receive critical information from the firefighter:

  • Name
  • Team assignment
  • Cylinder pressure
  • Service-time remaining
  • PASS alarms (motion or manual)
  • Thermal alarms
  • Battery status
  • Radio connectivity
  • Evacuation acknowledgement
  • And Much More

Each base station can monitor up to 50 firefighters
Intuitive and easy to use
Two-way evacuation feature

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