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MSA’s new M7 I-HUD Receiver for FireHawk M7 Air Masks is worn on the INSIDE of your facepiece. New LED light patterns enhance safety and security. Unit automatically syncs with SCBA upon startup. Sleek design offers 40 percent weight reduction compared to our external HUD. MSA's I-HUD Receiver is available only with the FireHawk M7 PASS device.
  • Wireless M7 I-HUD Receiver contoured unit fits securely inside firefighter’s facepiece
  • Nearly 40% lighter unit than external M7 HUD Receiver
  • Low-in-profile to face for snag reduction
  • Unit automatically awakes and sleeps based upon pairing with SCBA
  • Wireless magnetic radio transfers actual SCBA data via IEEE 802.11 network
  • Enhanced light pattern for safety and security differentiation
  • Displays SCBA cylinder pressure in quarter-cylinder increments
  • If telemetry-equipped PASS device is used, M7 I-HUD Receiver displays evacuation alarm
  • Includes red "buddy lights" to alert other firefighters to low cylinder pressure, or motion alarm
  • Powered by single, disposable CR2 lithium battery
  • Low battery condition displays via single LED flash on display’s left side; low battery SCBA condition displays as double flash
  • TEST function button to verify functionality before use
Markets: Fire Service, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Firefighting