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This combination air-supplied/air-purifying respirator is designed for use with either particulate filters and/or chemical cartridges. Provides respiratory protection against a variety of contaminants, making it popular for pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Must be used in adequately ventilated areas with at least 19.5% oxygen. Features a unique, switchable exhalation valve, making it well suited for abatement work.
  • Fresh-air respirators for use in adequately ventilated areas
  • Requires at least 19.5% oxygen for use
  • Features a switchable exhalation valve
  • Allows user to work for long periods of time without depleting filters or cartridges
  • Well suited for abatement work
Markets: Construction
Available in constant-flow and pressure-demand versions

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
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