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This ensemble contains several accessories for our purpose-built Ultra Elite mask. The options include a spectacle kit, adhesive protective visors, welders adapter, a mask tightness tester, and a carrying case. The sturdy carrier features a carrying strap for convenient access, while a radio communication kit ensures a user can maintain close contact while wearing the full-face mask.



Longueur: 229.000 MM (9.016 IN)
Largeur: 181.000 MM (7.126 IN)
Hauteur: 321.000 MM (12.638 IN)
Poids: 0.780 KG (1.720 LB)
Couleur: BLACK
  • Improve safety and comfort with MSA Mask Accessories including spectacle kit, adhesive protective visors and mask tightness check device
  • Clean, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize personal protective equipment with one-step Confidence Plus™, which kills salmonella, HIV-1, Herpes Simplex and more
  • Install extra protection over the facepiece lens with our Welder’s Clip-On Adapter
  • Protect head, neck and shoulders from splatters and sparks with our snug-fitting Welder’s Hood
  • Amplify voice sound in high ambient noise environments with MSA’s ESP® II Communication System
Marchés: Pompiers, Industrie générale, Pétrole et gaz, Services publics