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The MSA range of Latchways® Walksafe is a leading roof walkway system that has been trusted for decades in roof access strategies. Roof walkways provide a delineated access route that restricts the worker to safe zones when working at height. Walkways provide traction for user to prevent slips and trip, but also work to protect the roof surface from foot traffic.

In highly trafficked areas—where regular access may be required for maintenance regimes, plant inspection, air quality monitoring, rooflight cleaning, etc—WalkSafe distributes the load evenly on to the roof and thus reduces the wear and tear on the roofing system itself. WalkSafe offers a lightweight, practical solution which can be easily installed to replace existing wooden duckboards, scaffolding boards or snow guards.

  • Manufactured from recycled PVCu for a lightweight solution
  • Compatibility—designed to work with all major roof types
  • Corrosion and Moisture resistant—WalkSafe is manufactured from extruded PVCu planks and support leavers, injection moulded - PVCu end caps with stainless steel fixings and fasteners
  • Durability—Lifespan in excess of 25 years (BBA Certified)
  • Minimal componentry—quick and easy to install with no requirement for roof penetration
  • Complementing Systems—WalkSafe is designed to work seamlessly alongside Latchways Constant Force Post systems and VersiRail
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WalkSafe’s flexibility has allowed for the development of a complete range of systems—all with bespoke brackets and componentry:
  • Leveled walkway (up to 15°)
  • Stepped walkway
  • Valley gutter walkway
  • Half-valley gutter walkway
  • Traversing walkway
WalkSafe is compatible with all major roof systems and has been approved by the majority of roofing manufacturers. The system is suitable for use on:
  • Standing Seam
  • Composite
  • Built-up-on-site metal roofing
  • Secret-fix metal roofing
  • Single-ply
  • Membrane roofing to various substrates
  • Bespoke WalkSafe solutions for cementitious, slate and bituminous roofing are available upon request

Les homologations sont sujettes à modification sans préavis et peuvent différer selon la configuration, la référence de pièce et/ou le pays.
Veuillez contacter le service client ou consulter l’étiquette d’homologation sur le produit pour de plus amples informations sur l’homologation.

  • Bespoke/prefabricated test compliance—WalkSafe meets the standard: Pre-Fabricated Accessory EN516 – Class 1-C
  • BBA Certified for slip resistance—WalkSafe holds a BBA Agrément certificate NO99/3608 for metal, membrane and traditional roofing systems, for use in providing anti-slip walkways across flat roofs, in roof valleys and half valleys, for access and maintenance
  • Fire resistant—WalkSafe is fire resistant and self-extinguishing—complies with BS465 part 71987 – Class 1 (Y)
  • Anti-slip walkway—WalkSafe has achieved the BBA requirement—Slip Resistant (BBA T1/10) with a co-efficient of friction Dry 0.57 Wet 0.51
  • B53Severe UV exposure tested—WalkSafe has undergone the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) TR 010 25 year severe climate exposure test. As such, the product has been classified “S” for use in severe climates
  • OSHA