Fall Protection to arrest falls from heights.
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The Dyna-Glide® Rigid Rail Fall Protection System is used to arrest falls from heights where workers may be climbing up ladders, towers, or almost any structure. This rigid rail system enhances the way a climber is able to perform the necessary work. MSA rigid rail systems can be mounted to already-installed ladders, to corners of lattice towers, and to other suitably strong structures your crew needs to climb. Furthermore, using different MSA mounting assemblies, the Dyna-Glide rigid rail system can be attached to almost any structure that it's permissible to climb. MSA Rigid rail systems can be constructed to continuously protect climbers – whether they're traveling vertically, horizontally, or around curves, corners, or obstacles. For added performance, the MSA Dyna-Glide rigid rail system can be used by more than one person at a time.

  • Limits total fall distance to inches
  • Offers components for complete rescue systems
  • Allows for vertical and horizontal mobility
  • Uses galvanized or stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Offers your choice of Ladder Rail Combination (LRC) or Rail only
  • Provides smooth travel - there's no binding of the fall arresters inside the rail
  • Uses detachable, lightweight, stainless steel, and aluminum mechanism for hands-fee ascent and descent
  • Variety of accessories to enhance mobility and provide continuous protection, convenience, and comfort (if needed)
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Meets all applicable OSHA standards