Safety Solutions

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MSA has been focused on worker safety for nearly 100 years.

More than a producer of safety products that save lives every day, we are also safety experts, providing companies with assessments, training and advice that help create and maintain the safest work environments possible.


Last year alone, MSA conducted more than 2,300 on-site customer training seminars, PPE evaluations, and application training sessions. MSA offers safety consulting, product solutions, and training, all focused on increasing work place safety.


Expert Advice & Solutions For Safety Challenges
Imagine the confidence of having a workplace that can withstand the scrutiny of an OSHA inspection and provide an unmatched level of safety for the men and women who work there. MSA will work with you to build the confidence to help prevent OSHA fines by identifying areas of potential violations in an effort to save lives and eliminate injuries. Here are just a few examples of how MSA can help:


  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Safety Equipment Evaluations
  • Customer Service & 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Respiratory Fit Testing

Tools & Training

MSA delivers a range of quality training programs (many of which are FREE online through the acclaimed MSA-U®) on-site at your facility or even at one of the MSA
training facilities:
  • MSA-U
  • Fall Protection Hazard Awareness On-Site Demonstrations
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Confined Space and Product Training


These programs can be helpful in meeting the challenges that may be ahead as part of the federal Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) – legislation that industry watchers are expecting soon. I2P2 will require all US companies to have an operative safety program that identifies and reduces workplace hazards on an ongoing basis.