Respond proactively to gas exposure alarms and other potentially dangerous situations in the field with the MSA ALTAIR Grid, a secure web-based virtual control room.

  • Remotely monitor and interact with your MSA gas detectors in real time
  • Save, update and search detailed incident history reports for the future
  • Manage gas detector assignment

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In the battle against the unexpected, you deserve an unfair advantage.

Introducing the ALTAIR Grid, our real-time remote monitoring service for portable gas detection.

  • Connect an unlimited number of Bluetooth-enabled ALTAIR 4XR and 5X to the ALTAIR Grid via our ALTAIR Connect app on your Android-based smart devices.
  • Monitor and interact with all connected detectors in two views on the "Live Monitoring" tab.
    • List view: each detector appears in either safe, warning, or active incident state.
    • Map view: each detector appears as an interactive pinpoint on a map. (Location based on the Android device's GPS.)
  • Search, review, update and download historical incident information as needed from the "Incident Reports" tab.
  • Manage your MSA gas detectors, Android devices, workers, and ALTAIR Grid accounts from the "Administration" tab.

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Markets: Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Confined Space, Welding