Cairns Firefighter Goggles

Constructed of flame-retardant material and certified to withstand temperatures up to 500°F for up to five minutes. Features easy lens replacement, anti-fog, anti-scratch coatings, and ballistic-grade, optically correct lenses. These Firefighter Goggles are easy to don and doff, even with gloved hands. Choose from InnerZone One, InnerZone Two, InnerZone Three and ESS Fire Goggle models.
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Cairns® Fire Helmet Fronts

The lettering and panels are available in Scotchlite reflective material with millions of possible configurations available. Options include standard fronts, printed gold leaf fronts and hand painted gold leaf fronts for the 4", 6", and 8" sizes.
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Cairns® Fire Helmet Replacement Chin Straps

A variety of chin strap replacement part options are available for use with Cairns fire helmets. Use only genuine MSA Cairns replacement parts to ensure proper functioning and compliance of your fire helmet.
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Cairns® Fire Helmet Soft Goods Kits & Replacement Earlaps

In alignment with cancer prevention directives recommended by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), MSA adds replaceable soft goods to better maintain the character of your fire helmets while helping to improve safety. Ensure proper functioning and compliance of your fire helmet by using only genuine MSA Cairns Fire Helmet Accessories and Replacement Parts such as Cairns Helmet Soft Goods Kits and Replacement Earlaps. For your convenience, a full soft goods kit consists of everything needed to replace your liner and earlaps including a handy laundering bag.
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Defender® Visor for Cairns® 1010 and 1044 Helmets

The Defender Visor stays clean inside your fire helmet until needed for overhaul and non-IDLH search-and-recovery. Sleek and attractive design allows for fast, easy raising and lowering of the fire helmet visor even with gloved hands.
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MSA Cairns® Front Holders

Used exclusively with Cairns Traditional and Leather Fire Helmets (N5A New Yorker, N6A Sam Houston, Cairns 1010, 1044 and 880 Traditional). MSA Fire Helmet Front and Shield Holders divert energy from your head, neck and spine during an impact or acceleration hazard.
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